2022 Spring Season – Register Now!

Registration for 2022 Spring Season for Youth Lacrosse is now open!

Registration is a 2 step process:

  1. All players must register at http://www.imlaxutah.org/
  2. All players must register at http://PleasantGroveLacrosse.com/registration/ to pay PG team dues, purchase a jersey, and order clothing.

IMLAX or Intermountain Lacrosse administers the leagues that we participate in. Player registrations at IMLAX go to pay for the league administration (scheduling of games, coordinating officials) and register all players for a membership with USA Lacrosse. USA Lacrosse membership is mandatory for all players. IMLAX is generally not involved in the local community directly.

Pleasant Grove Lacrosse facilitates coaches, local advertising and promotion of the sport, coordinates field and facility usage with the local schools, ordering of jerseys, and maintains goals and other team equipment. No portion of team fees are paid to coaches or program administrators. All proceeds are for the players and program goals.